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1. Prepping

It might seem obvious, but make sure your mobiles are fully charged the night before – you’re going to need to be in contact with your solicitor/family/movers and don’t want it dying on you halfway through the day.

Also, make sure you don’t pack away all your cleaning products – once the movers have left you may be surprised by how much needs to be done. Or consider hiring professional cleaners to give it the once over.

2. Mapping

Don’t wait until the removal men are standing in your new living room to decide where furniture should go. Take the time before the move to make a floor plan and even templates of your large items, like sofas and beds, so you can tell your team exactly where you want things to go. There’s no point in having to shift it all again later – make use of the professionals (and save your back) while you have them in situ.

3. Packing

Pack a set of bed linen, a change of clothes and overnight items for each member of the family, as well as a kitchen essentials box (including kettle, coffee, tea, milk and biscuits – your movers will need a bit of sustenance and so will you).

4. Labelling

While scrawling info on a box is all very well, sometimes this isn’t detailed enough and can be hard to see in a big pile of boxes. Why not try using an app such as Moving Van – which allows you to record the exact contents of each box.

5. Protecting

For everyone’s safety (and sanity) consider asking friends or family to take charge of young children and pets on moving day. You want to be able to focus fully on what’s happening, and doors will be permanently open with people going in and out. Animals are especially unnerved by the moving process, so it’s a good idea to limit their exposure on the day.

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