I'm sure many will have heard of the expression ' Cobbler's Bairn's'.  That was the response from my wife as we looked around our beloved family home, a home where we have lived for 26 years and where now, for the first time are seeing it through the eyes of a prospective buyer!  'Cobbler's Bairns', she said, "You spend your life advising other people on how to enhance their homes in advance of a sale but until now have not looked at our own". She was right, we have both been busy career people who have not had the time to take stock of some of the 'lack lustre' aspects of our own home, albeit a lovely home, a home where we have brought up our three daughters.

If you are contemplating a future move it occurred to me that perhaps it might be appropriate to note down some salient points. 

Garage   Bedroom Chairs  
Declutter your garage! An extreme example...








First Impressions

Due to the difficult situation we are finding ourselves living through for the first time in my working life, I find myself unable to find any excuses regarding the garden and lack of time – so that has been my initial task.  After four afternoons I can honestly say that the entrance and therefore first impression of our home is now looking better than it has done in many years! That would be my first advice, for those who have one, sort out the garden.  First impressions matter.


Our next task: declutter, declutter, declutter.  While it is wonderful to have a collection of memorabilia that matter to us, they matter not to a potential buyer – they have their own clutter!  So try, as best you can to tidy things away.

Odd Jobs

Next look at paintwork in and out, where possible take note of the old leak in the bedroom ceiling, you may not notice it but the potential buyer and independent home report surveyor will. 

What about your bathroom/shower rooms? Do they need a facelift?  Sparkling clean bathrooms are of the utmost importance. 


And do you have a garage? I bet you've been meaning to clear it out for ages and never got round to it? Well now is the time!

Storage space is often a necessity, so if you can, try to make any storage areas ( attic etc ) look larger than they are by tidying and rearranging as much as possible.

While none of us would have imagined finding ourselves confined to our homes in the way we are, if, like us, you are imagining a life after this terrible virus and you are contemplating selling your home, take heart, a new kind of normal will emerge.  I hope some of the aforementioned points might be useful.

Please stay safe and keep well.   I am now off to tidy the understairs cupboard!

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Matthew Munro

Consultant - Property Sales

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