Simpson & Marwick are pleased to announce that we are merging with global law firm Clyde & Co with effect from 1st October 2015. Our Private Client Team will trade under the new firm name of Clyde & Co. We remain located in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, our services are unchanged and we will continue to give our clients individual attention and excellent service.

We offer friendly professional advice tailored to our clients' needs and aspirations. The team's many years of experience enables us to see the bigger picture, allowing us to suggest solutions and add value to our clients.

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Looking after your family

We provide a wide range of services and advice to help you protect and manage your assets and affairs for the benefit of you and your family.

Protecting your assets

For all of us, irrespective of the size or nature of our assets, it is important to ensure that these are protected against life's vagaries - death, incapacity and taxes. Unexpected consequences - which can be costly, time-consuming and worrying to try to resolve - can arise quite unexpectedly in life. Professional advice and careful planning can help to mitigate or even eliminate these.

Our Private Client team, led by Nikki Dundas, has expertise and experience to help you reach your desired outcomes. They achieve this in a helpful, sympathetic and professional manner.


Having in place, and regularly updating, a will is important for all of us. It enables your assets to pass to those you wish to benefit on death, reducing the risks of the estate passing to others. Wills play a big part in asset planning so that an estate can be passed over in the most tax efficient way. Not having a will at death usually results in an increase in the costs and time scale for winding up your estate, potentially resulting in worry and financial difficulties for your nearest and dearest.

We can provide detailed advice on all of these matters and prepare wills to suit your needs and requirements.

Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney allow another to manage our affairs on our behalf. They can range from a simple power to allow someone to sign a document for us during a temporary absence or indisposition to a Continuing and Welfare Power of Attorney which allows the attorney to act for us even after the loss of legal capacity.

Accident, illness or other misfortune can strike you at any stage in life leaving you legally unable to administer your own affairs. Who will run your business, sell your company, access your bank account, pay your or your family's bills, decide where you should live, or conduct any other legal or financial steps for you in that event? Unless a suitable Power of Attorney has been signed by you it might be necessary to apply to the Court for the appointment of a guardian. The costs of appointment of a guardian greatly exceed the costs of granting a Power of Attorney and the appointment can take conisderable time, potentially creating difficulties.

Most of us should consider putting a Power of Attorney in place and we are happy to advise on the options and to draw one up for you.


Trusts can play a part in tax and succession planning. However they are not exclusively the provenance of the wealthy. Most of us have, or should have, Life Assurance and Death in Service Benefits which can (and should often) be written in trust to avoid unexpected consequences.

Uses of Trusts include mitigating Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax or providing funds for people where it would not be suitable for them to hold the funds outright, such as due to age, mental incapacity, potential divorce or insolvency.

We can advise on the use and creation of trusts and also handle their administration.

Tax Planning

Whether it is Inheritance Tax on death or Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of assets, we can advise on liabilities to tax and on the options to mitigate or avoid these potential taxes.

Executry Administration

We deal with all aspects of the winding up of a deceased’s estate whether or not there is a will. The outcome here is the successful distribution of the assets in cash or kind amongst the beneficiaries. This includes advice on the use of Deeds of Variation where necessary to mitigate Inheritance Tax or to optimise distribution to future generations.


We are able to advise on the appointment of guardians to manage the affairs of those unable to do so whether as a result of accident, illness or disability. The costs of Guardianship can often be avoided by the early grant of a Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney. Once a Guardian has been appointed, we can handle all aspects of the administration.

Elderly Client Advice

We provide caring and compassionate advice for elderly clients and their families concerning downsizing, care in the home, residential care and funding issues.

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